Program Schedule

First-year Emergency Medicine residents receive a broad exposure to a variety of clinical disciplines, with a concentration in emergency medicine, critical care, anesthesia and pediatrics. The second- and third-year focus is on refining clinical skills by giving residents increasing clinical and administrative responsibility during blocks of emergency medicine, trauma, and pediatrics, in addition to EMS, toxicology, and elective time. Educational objectives are outlined for each block rotation. The chairman and residency director ensure that these objectives are met, and that appropriate responsibility is afforded to our residents on all rotations. All blocks are four weeks long.

Mid June- 6/30 Orient/EM
Block 1 EM/EMS/V(1)
Block 2 EM
Block 3 OB/V(1)
Block 4 EM/Peds EM
Block 5 EM
Block 6 ICU
Block 7 Peds EM
Block 8 EM/V(1)
Block 9 CCU/ICU
Block 10 EM/V(1)
Block 11 EM
Block 12 Anesth/US
Block 13 EM


Block 1 Trauma
Block 2 EM
Block 3 EM/V(1)
Block 4 ICU
Block 5 EM/Peds EM
Block 6 PICU
Block 7 EM/V(1)
Block 8 EM
Block 9 Trauma(2)/EM(2)
Block 10 Peds EM/EM
Block 11 Virtua-EM/V(1)
Block 12 EM/V(1)
Block 13 EM/EMS


Block 1 EM
Block 2 Admin/Toxicology
Block 3 EM/V(1)
Block 4 Elective
Block 5 EM/Peds Airway
Block 6 EM/V(1)
Block 7 Virtua-EM/V(1)
Block 8 EM Teaching/ICU Consult
Block 9 EM/Peds EM
Block 10 EM/V(1)
Block 11 Trauma
Block 12 EM/EMS
Block 13 EM

V( ) - Vacation (number of weeks)
VMHBC - Virtua Mount Holly Hospital
US - Ultrasound

Weekly Conference Schedule

Procedure Lab



8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Simulation Lab/Tintinalli Club with Chief Residents

9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Core Curriculum Conferences