About the Program

Program Aims

  1. Produce well-rounded, independent surgeons who are able to offer vaginal and minimally invasive abdominal approach as well as non-surgical options to treat pelvic floor disorders.
  2. Educate fellows to  utilize a multidisciplinary approach and work  in a pelvic floor care team model (including colorectal surgery, physical therapy, pain management  and urology).
  3. Teach management and cognitive skills essential for future researchers and educators
  4. Create a collaborative teaching and working atmosphere which promotes self-learning, long term fellows and faculty well-being and personal excellence.​

Obstetrics and Gynecology at Cooper

The department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Cooper University Health Care offers women a full range of advanced medical programs and services through all stages of life. All OB-GYN sub-specialists are board-certified and fellowship-trained, offering expert treatment options in many areas from the management of pregnancy and delivery, maternal fetal medicine, gynecologic oncology, treatment of disorders of the reproductive system, to pelvic and sexual health. Cooper is distinguished as a state-designated Regional Perinatal Center, serving the region’s highest-risk patients in need of the most serious care.

Cooper’s division of Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery was established in the late 1990s and accredited in 2000 when the first fellow was accepted. The division has more than 5,000 patient visits and 400 surgeries per year. The division has trained fellows that have gone on to practice in many universities around the country.

The URPS team works closely with the divisions of urology, colorectal surgery, plastic surgery, and physical therapy to provide patients with access to comprehensive care that best meets their needs. Although Cooper University Hospital is the core teaching facility where patients are seen and surgeries are performed, urogynecologic care is provided at many of the surrounding community hospitals from central to southern New Jersey. Their two offices are located in Voorhees and Hamilton, in addition to The Jaffe Family Women’s Care Center, a fellow-run office in Camden where patients receive the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment modalities available.

Our division’s faculty is nationally recognized for their skills in vaginal reconstructive surgery and are considered key opinion leaders in URPS. They are all founders of international mission organizations that provide much needed care to women around the world. Former fellows have had the opportunity to provide mission work around the world, adding to the unique opportunities that continue to enhance our program.

The Jaffe Family Women’s Care Center

The Jaffe Family Women’s Care Center at Cooper University Hospital provides obstetric and gynecologic care for patients with financial burdens. The primary goals of this clinic are to provide services for those who otherwise cannot afford OB-GYN care and to provide education for the residents and fellows. All subspecialty services for obstetrics and gynecology are offered. This is one of few clinics that provides such services for the underserved. The URPS clinic is run by the fellow(s) one half-day session a week for three weeks a month with attending supervision. The first week is dedicated to The Jaffe Family Women’s Care Center OR. It is a great opportunity for the fellow to work as a supervisor and clinical instructor. There is always at least one resident assigned to this clinic that evaluates the patients and presents the cases to the fellow and the attending. The fellows are able to make independent clinical decisions and teach residents under faculty supervision.