Message From the Chief Residents

Thank you for your interest in the Cooper University Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program! This is an exciting time to be entering the field of medicine, and an exciting time to become a part of Cooper University Hospital.

We are located in Camden, New Jersey, minutes from downtown Philadelphia. This area provides a variety of patients, ranging from the underserved population of Camden to the more affluent suburbs. Because we are a major university hospital center for New Jersey, and the only Level 1 Trauma Center, patients are routinely flown to Cooper from other hospitals giving our residents experience with critically ill patients. In addition, Cooper has a large network of outpatient offices throughout Camden County, making our outpatient and consulting experiences as varied and educational as the inpatient.

We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive academic program that places an emphasis first and foremost on training good internists. In addition, every subspecialty is represented at Cooper, which enhances our training. Education is a priority with a formalized curriculum facilitated by program leadership. Residents are encouraged to step into the educator role early by leading lectures and SIM sessions. Residents are given autonomy to make decisions while caring for patients but also have an appropriate level of supervision. One of the strengths we value most is the camaraderie between residents. We are truly a family here at Cooper IM, and residents thrive together both inside and outside the hospital. We value rigorous medical training as well as making wellness a priority. The culture is warm, friendly and collaborative and we look for candidates who would fit well into this environment. You will find that your colleagues are hardworking, intelligent, and collegial. Our program leadership is approachable and always looking to work with the residents to improve our program. We welcome you to be part of our Cooper IM family!



Brisha Bhikadiya Best

Brisha Bhikadiya Best, DO
Fourth Year Chief Resident

Tirth Talati

Tirth Talati, DO
Fourth Year Chief Resident

Amine Al Soueidy

 Amine Al Soueidy, MD
Third Year Chief Resident


Alex Garcia
Alexander Garcia, DO
Third Year Chief Resident

Jenna Guma

Jenna Guma, DO
Third Year Chief Resident

Jachrise Sibblis
Jachrise Sibblis, MD
Third Year Chief Resident


Ian Dale

Ian Dale, DO
Third Year Chief Resident


Jenn Varallo

Jennifer Varallo, DO
Third Year Chief Resident

Rita Auro

Rita Auro, MD
Third Year Chief Resident