Curriculum and Academic Conferences

Systems-Based Curriculum

Our program follows a 2 year curriculum that is organized by systems throughout most of the year, with much of the spring being board review of topics from the opposite year.  

Year 1

Year 2









Ortho/Sports Med







The curriculum for each system includes posted objectives and reading with periodic quizzes to reinforce learning. 

Morning Report 

Morning Report consist of two thirty-minute morning conferences per week. It serves as a forum for discussion among residents about patient cases from nursery, inpatient and PICU to promote interaction and critical thinking. General pediatrics and subspecialty faculty are always present for the discussion.

Noon Conference 

On 4 days of the week, residents will learn through a variety of experiences, including grand rounds, chief rounds, primary care conferences, jeopardy games, quality improvement and other faculty-led teaching sessions. 

Pediatric Grand Rounds

At the Wednesday noon conference, these rounds feature topics presented by both full time faculty and visiting professors. Attendees include house staff, faculty, pediatricians in private practice, nurses, medical students, and a variety of ancillary support staff. 

Chief Rounds 

Occurring weekly, this conference is run by the senior residents and offers the opportunity to present an interesting case to the residents and faculty. This exercise teaches the residents to generate a differential diagnosis and management strategy. 

Friday Academic Conferences

A 90-minute morning session designed to cover essential topics in pediatrics and to make residents more independent learners. Assigned reading and questions are completed by each resident prior to the session, where they are discussed with faculty in an interactive fashion. This conference has been very well received by the residents. These teaching sessions consist of lectures and board question review by faculty or Simulation labs.  

Performance Improvement Case Conference

Our monthly PICC conferences are presented by our third-year residents. The goal of this conference is to identify systems issues and make recommendations for changes in the system that improve patient safety

Pediatric Radiology 

Imaging studies from interesting patient cases are reviewed with one of our pediatric radiologists. This is a formal conference that occurs quarterly.

Simulation Lab

We offer small-group instruction utilizing life-like mannequins is conducted by facilitators trained in the use of computer driven simulation adjuncts. Attention is focused on maintaining a non-threatening learning environment, providing adequate mechanisms for positive feedback and developing a supportive student-facilitator relationship. The pediatric SimLab is used to train residents in patient assessment, respiratory and cardiac, acute airway emergencies, sepsis management, neontal resuscitation, and crisis management.

Journal Club 

Based on the principles of evidence-based medicine, this series of monthly conferences is designed to teach residents to critically evaluate and apply the medical literature to patient care. Articles are discussed in small groups, with each group led by a senior resident and an attendings.  The senior residents present a summary of the article for the large group.