In 1973, CS Holling, a biologist, looked at resilience in an ecosystem. He defined it as “a measure of the ability of these systems to absorb changes … and still persist.” Resilience is not necessarily an inherent trait; it can be fostered and developed over time.

Throughout the challenging months of COVID-19, our Resiliency Resources Team was created to address physician and staff distress during the COVID-19 outbreak. GME and physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers from across Cooper Health System are committed to contributing to the health and wellness of our exceptional residents during this challenging time. From online resources to in-person support, we are dedicated to helping all our clinicians through the pandemic. There are regularly emailed resources, tele-support groups, resiliency team sessions, and podcasts. The COVID-19 Resources Page serves as a repository of resources for all those touched by the current pandemic, personally or professionally. These resources are aimed at helping people take care of themselves physically and emotionally. Sessions can be set up with psychiatrists with special expertise in helping medical students and residents.

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